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Will We Be Safer?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Edward Scissorhands? Nadia LeeLee? Black Mirror?!

All plausible concepts to think of when looking at this image, however they’re all wrong…

“Will We Be Safer?” is an editorial piece - by Glen Wexler from 2002 – it is a representation for a feature story in TIME, about living with the threat of biohazards… How apt.

Currently, wearing facial shields is becoming normalised, we are increasingly commanded to walk in particular directions, health scanning checkpoints are ever-popular and it is required that we remain at a two metre distance away from others.

A mere few months ago we would have accepted DesignLibero’s “Bubble Field” as a zany concept that is far removed, however, now not so much. Now, it is easy to feel as if both of these dystopian depictions are all too familiar reflections of 2020.

Anti-Pollution & Anti Virus Shield, Solar Power Energy, Air Pump, Fan Coil, Power Controller, Power Supply, Easy Open Zipper

Fundamentals of current design are recognising the importance of protection as well as standards of behaviour and interaction - that help create a common culture, generate social synergy and build shared trust - These are the key principles that were also taken into consideration whilst developing "CoVis".

“To lose sight of them (social cohesion and relationship) during a significant shift to virtual-working arrangements is to risk an erosion over the long term of the very trust, cohesion, and shared culture that often helps remote working and virtual collaboration to be effective in the short term.” - McKinsey & Company

We are currently experiencing the consciousness of Human connection on a colossal scale and although remote working in mass has generally be seen as a success, the loss of social constructs for some, especially during such a surreal time, can have huge repercussions.

"Feelings of loneliness are personal, so everyone's experience will be different… One common description is, the feeling we get when our need for rewarding social contact and relationships is not met.” - Mind.org.uk

Cushman & Wakefield recently released '6 Feet Office' which is their guidelines to returning to the workplace, noted below. Along with other concepts from the industry (some noted within Human Connection Matters), this vision reinforces the fact that for now a particular lifestyle is here to stay, parallel to an insistence upon community, balance and health.

Above all, protection in various forms is the imperative focal-point to general wellbeing. The changes we must make due to the pandemic have hit us hard and fast; and although we are living what could be considered Covid-19 Rhapsody, Will we be safer? The answer is, Yes!

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