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NU-London's Recap of 2020

As I'm sure you will all agree 2020 has been one of the most significant years of our lifetime, as such we thought it was extremely valuable to reflect on this and see what positives we have managed to gain from what has been a very tough year.

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a Furniture & Design session, meeting with some of our fellow industry specialists, looking at: 'What this year has meant for the Furniture & Design community and what it will mean moving forward into 2021.'

We would like to say a BIG Thank You to our panellists for their incredible contributions - We can’t wait to host another one!

Questae Collective, Co-Founders - John Walters and Sophie Higgins.

both of whom have many years experience in the corporate world.

Sophie studied law before moving into management consultancy, she then retrained as a nutritionist therapist working with both corporate, and private clients.

John has been in the furniture industry for 25 years plus, starting in the north west with dealers, and then for the past 13 years in London, for dealers and manufacturers.

However they both now dedicate their time towards health and wellbeing through their business Questae Collective who create and deliver specifically tailored and bespoke 360 wellness programs with organisations who truly want to engage and understand their employees wellbeing objectives

Flokk, Business Development Manager - James McGarvey

Although James has a degree focused in B.A. Hons in Criminology and History from Liverpool John Moores University, with his beaming Irish charm it is no surprise that he has found himself in a career driven by relationship management and sales. Experienced For the past 4 years James has worked with Flokk, uniting all from different pillars of the industry with the Flokk Socials and in 2019 won a Salesman of The Year!

Unispace (Switzerland), Senior Consultant - Francesca Zavieh

Self-confessed ‘detailed obsessed’ Francesca began her fascination with the industry at Kingston University, where she studied Product and Furniture Design.

After working within various design related roles she moved into the world of commercial interiors, working with Day 2 Interiors where she grew an extensive furniture library and immersed herself into the industry.

After 4 years, she decided to take on a challenge oversees and moved to Switzerland to learn French and expand network of international manufacturers and clients. As Senior Consultant with Unispace Switzerland, Francesca oversees all aspects of the project - working closely with the design team at the beginning phase, guiding the client through out and then ensuring a streamlined close out with the delivery team.

Seven Hills Workspace Limited, Founder - David Jackson

Throughout his time studying Interior Design at York’s St.John University, David had the incredible opportunity to work on very large projects for a world leading co-working space. Being so heavily involved with these live projects so early on provided the skills he needed to kick-start his career within the design industry. Shortly after graduating, with First-Class Honours, he moved to London and started working with BuzziSpace as a Design Consultant. In 2019 David decided to establish Seven Hills Workspace, with the aim to take on a new approach to designing and managing workspaces backed by research and creating a haven for health, happiness, and sustainability.

“Seven Hills Workspace offers a Design, Support, Deliver approach – offering a complementary service at every stage of a project. We are a dedicated and committed nationwide resource for the working world.” Below is a list, outlining the main body of questions, Enjoy!!

* How have things been for you over this last year?

* Have you seen any of the predicted workplace models come into effect?

* In June, we wrote “Will We Be Safer?” a piece about how dystopian and Black Mirror- esque everything had begun to feel... Has there been any products or services emerge that you have found to be particularly zany and out there?

* What are we doing to look after ourselves?

* What positives have you taken from this year that you will bring into the next and What does the future of the workplace look like in 2021?

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