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Surviving a Pandemic with: 7 Key Pieces.

2020 has been a tough year for us all. With each month bringing around more uncertainty and the continuous narrative towards "The Future of Work" we thought we'd share with you 7 Key Pieces that we believe are due to stand the test of time and shall continue to champion in industry for long to come.

1. “BuzziRing” by BuzziSpace

BuzziRing is an acoustic cocoon that absorbs the sound waves from crowded surroundings. It is the ideal space for focused work, catching up on emails, video or phone calls and it can also be fitted with a protective transparent screen.

2. “Cubert” by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Cubert is an elegant yet functional unit, that uniquely combines the ability to power and charge portable devices with a touch dimmable LED desk light. This is the first arrangement of light, USB and mains that has been produced in such compact means.

3. “Mango” by Boss Design

With headspace in mind, Mango strikes the perfect balance between privacy and ergonomics. Integrated power and data options provide connectivity, essential for modern day work and life, plus the integrated writing tablet lets the user position work and devices ergonomically, ensuring the user’s physical wellbeing.

4. “Dancing Wall” by Vitra

The rudimentary function of Dancing Wall is that of a mobile partition that can be used to flexibly divide offices into zones, while providing vertical work space. It consists of a metal frame, which can be equipped in various configurations: as a bookshelf, TV unit, cloakroom, plant wall, or as a room divider with removable whiteboards and pin-boards.

5. “Outdoor Pod” by The Meeting Pod Co.

The Outdoor Pod is a modular design, from 2-8 people, which is available as an open, part enclosed or fully enclosed unit, with weather-proof timber/composite interiors or as outdoor office pod specification with cushioned seating and bolstered fabric interior – allowing them to be permanently located outside.

6. ”Harbor” by Haworth

Part task seating, part lounge chair, Harbor enables mobility and accommodates evolving technology, while making a stylish statement wherever work gets done. The optional integrated sliding tablet offers an active workspace for a laptop or notepads while the suede upholstered seat wing holds electronics and personal items.

7. “CoVis” by NU-London

Developed to optimise employee health and wellbeing, "CoVis" is a unique shield that encourages improved productivity, whilst offering further protection to the workstation. Collaboration friendly, virtually invisible and ergonomically tailors to each individual, the design is inspired by the journey in which respiratory vapour clouds and droplets disperse, and the shape is scientifically studied to minimise the risks of infectious respiratory diseases, such as Covid-19, in the workplace.

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